Lump sum investment

Lump sum investment is recommended if you wish to purchase precious metals in one larger amount. You can set the amount you wish to spend on precious metal purchase ("Amount order") or the quantity and the sizes of the preious metal bullions themselves ("Unit order").

  • You can buy gold in different bullion sizes;
  • You have the choice whether to have your bullion stored in a high security vault or delivered to your address.

The biggest advantage of possessing gold bullions is that they concentrate high value into a small place. It can also be moved duty and VAT free within the EU.

Savings plan

Saving plan is recommended if you wish to invest in precious metal with regular smaller installment amounts. You can set the desired target amount, the amount of regular payments and the duration of the savings program.

  • When starting a savings account, a bullion savings account is opened where the monthly savings are credited in physical gold;
  • With a savings account you can buy gold in small quantities at a very reasonable price until you reach the selected target amount;
  • You can collect or sell your gold savings after or even before the target amount is reached;
  • With a bullion savings account you can substantiate your personal gold reserves;
  • If the target amount is reached, a significant amount of gold bonus will be credited.